Student Information System

FALL REGISTRATION BEGINS: Senior-Junior status (54 or more earned credits) will begin on Monday, April 7th, Sophomore (24-53 earned credits) will begin on Tuesday, April 8th and Freshman will begin on Wednesday, April 9th It is our intention to open registration daily by 7:45 am. Students need to be cleared by Student Financial Services, Health Center, Educational Support Services and the Registrar's Office to register during the opening week of registration. Registration is open to all students, regardless of holds, between April 14th and July 12th. Holds do not prevent a student from attending classes the first week of the semester and will not be considered an excused absence. Returning students not registered by July 13th will be charged a late registration fee. SUMMER I: Online registration for Summer I runs April 7th - April 13th. After April 13th, students must register for the Summer I in the Regt Office (SFS clearance needed at the time of Registration).